Hello! My name is Masni. I make websites.

Note from Masni May 2014

Thanks for visiting my website! With some sadness and much excitement, I have decided to wind up my freelancing business and move around the corner in the Typewriter Factory to join the team at Takeflight as a designer.

Takeflight is a small team of passionate web professionals. We build highly interactive, useful and delightful web experiences. Do consider getting in contact with us over there.

A big thank you to all my lovely and inspiring clients and to my two excellent officemates, Poco People. (Definitely go see them for your graphic design needs!)

– Masni

P.S. Some of you might be happy to hear that I'm now the happy housemate and proud bunparent of two rabbits, Booomer and Starbuck. Wistful no longer!

What I Can Offer

Big Picture Problem-Solving.

I combine my technical knowledge and design skills with over twelve years of web experience to help find the best solution for you.

Creative Services With Heart.

I'm passionate about working with passionate people. I offer discounts to charities and non-profits. Together let's change the world!

I speak geeky
and human.

You can call on me to create a website, help with web strategy, write copy, or more. I work happily with marketing, design and development teams.

What I Can Do


Website design
including responsive web design
User interface (UI) design
for web-based apps
Mobile interface design
for mobile apps
Graphic design
including branding & print design


Website building (CMS)
WordPress, EE, NationBuilder, & more.
Mobile website development
Versatile, web-based mobile apps
Frontend development
HTML, CSS, JS ninja pirate skills
Backend development


Website strategy
Information architecture, content strategy
User experience (UX) design
Usability & accessibility
Social media strategy
Consultation, setup and guidance
Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Basic setup included with all websites

And more

Project planning & management
Detail-focused but "big picture"-driven
Documentation & training
User manuals, "how-to" guides and training sessions provided for all websites
Copywriting & copy editing
for effective communication

About Me

Hi! I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

I have been a web geek from an early age. My first personal website was launched in 1999, swiftly followed by my first websites for professional clients in the early 2000s.

In 2005, I graduated from UTAS with a Bachelor of Computing and Bachelor of Arts. For seven years, I worked with IT companies, government departments, educational institutions, non-profit organisations and small-to-medium businesses on their web projects.

My business was launched in January 2013 and I have been enthusiastically delivering websites since! My portfolio is coming soon, but, in the mean time, check out my Facebook Page or get in touch.

When I'm not busy with webby things, I squeeze in time for drawing, reading, creative writing, playing ultimate frisbee, and being wistful for a pet rabbit.

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