Hello! I'm Masni.

I'm a user interface designer and developer. I like to create thoughtful user experiences.

I also like reading, writing, dinosaurs, and small coffees.

About me

Hey there! I’m a ui/ux designer and developer with over ten years of experience creating websites, web apps and mobile apps.

I like to dig into user needs, sketch out complex workflows, and collaborate on solutions. I hone the details but also zoom out to keep an eye on the big picture.

I love empowering people with technology through delightful and highly usable design.

Recently I've been speaking at local designer and developer meetups, volunteering for coding workshops, attending some conferences, and advocating for women in technology.

I'm currently looking for opportunities to work as a designer with a nice, keen, passionate team.

Perhaps you’d like to see my work or get in touch?

Case studies


Biteable wanted to add new features and refresh their award-winning online video app. I tackled their video listing and then the more complex video-building workflow.

Read the case study on Behance

Get in touch

I’m looking to work as a UI/UX designer with nice people in Melbourne or further afield. Please email me to say hello!

You might like to have a peek at my skills and work experience on LinkedIn:

You can also find me in other places!

I'm also on Instagram, GoodReads, and Last.fm :>