Please excuse the shortness, this case study is work in progress. I'll briefly run you through the context and outcomes, and then share some collateral. If this is interesting, do get in touch!

Artist Shops are the heart and home for an artist on Redbubble, and the shopping pathway for customers who are interested in a particular artist. The experience was languishing on the legacy platform. How might we create a modern shopping experience in 6 weeks?

In 2019 Redbubble’s strategic goal was profitable growth through customer acquisition and conversion. Recent improvements had been made to customer search and landing pages, however other parts of the Redbubble marketplace and shopping experience remained untouched for years.

The artist shop experience was seen as an opportunity to increase customer acquisition and conversion, and aligned with broader initiatives around modernising Redbubble’s end-to-end experience.

This project was a collaboration between artist and customer teams, with 1.5 designers, ~1 product manager, and ~10 engineers.

I was the full-time designer on the project and saw it from design through delivery, launching just in time for Christmas.


  • Successful launch of the artist shop for most artists before Christmas
  • Increased customer conversion rate to match site average (+1.2%)
  • Increased artist-driven traffic by ~30%
  • Extremely low (<1%) artist opt-out rate


Snapshot of the previous experience, with design notes.

Screenshot of the previous artist shop on mobile. I note that there is a long scroll before artist artworks are visible, there's a disorienting section of navigation and social links, and there aren't any clear pathways to shop/purchase.

Design Collaboration

Design pairing

Reviewing the experience with my customer team design buddy

Photo of Masni with another Redbubble designer sitting on a couch, with our laptops open and looking at a phone screen together.


Reviewing competitors, other shops and creative profiles.

Feature prioritisation for users

Whiteboarding user types, their needs, and how features met those needs

Photo of a whiteboard titled 'Artist Shop', with a list of user types (new visitor, artist follower, high intent customer, loyal customer, artist) and a list of Artist Shop features, e.g. 'product filters', 'product grid', 'banner'. We ranked each feature against each user type with ticks, dots and crosses (2 ticks is very important, dot is neutral, 2 crosses is very unimportant).

Design documentation

I polished this collaborative working doc into more formal project documentation.

Screenshot of Dropbox Paper document titled 'Artist Shop v1' with the subtitle 'How might we improve the experience of customers who visit the artist shop (in 6 weeks)?', and subheadings 'Background', 'Usability issues', and 'User goals'. Down the left side there are names showing how Masni and the other designer contributed alternating lines to the doc.

Artist Shop v1

The new Redbubble artist shop that streamlines shopping pathways for customers and elevates the artist and their brand.

We have continued to iterate on the artist shop from this point. Go check out the real thing!