A photo of Masni Masni is sitting cross-legged on a stone wall in front of a sunny garden park with flowers, bushes and trees behind her. She has her hair in a braid and is wearing jeans and a t-shirt and a colourful necklace. She is smiling at the camera. Hi! This is also cropped to a diamond shape with some bright colours and shapes surrounding it to suggest a friendly cheerfulness.

Hello! I'm Masni.

I'm a friendly Product / UX / UI designer. I like to create thoughtful user experiences.

I also like reading, writing, dinosaurs, and small coffees.

About me

Hey there! I'm a designer with over ten years of experience in visual and interactive design for web apps, mobile apps and websites.

I love to dig into complex problem spaces, deeply understand user needs, and collaborate on beautiful solutions that kick business goals.

I aspire to empower people with technology through intuitive and inclusive design.

I moved to Melbourne three years ago and have worked for Redbubble, Biteable and iflix.

Prior to that I lived in Hobart where I spoke at local designer and developer meetups, mentored coding workshops, attended conferences, and advocated for women in technology.

Perhaps you’d like to see my work or get in touch?

My work

A Redbubble illustration with artist characters A subtle background illustration from Redbubble, with multiple smiling people, sitting on large pencils and paintbrushes flying through the air (!) that represents artists and their creativity.
Three interface screens or cards, layered, representing a progression of three steps.
Design products
Set up shop
Get paid

Redbubble • 2020

Setting up new sellers for success

An onboarding and activation flow for new artists joining the Redbubble marketplace.

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A list of products on Redbubble A subtle background image showing a list of products, including a clock with a 'spacetime' themed illustration, a Saturn (planet) sticker, a 'space cat' print, and a woman astronaut design on a cushion.
A screenshot of Redbubble on mobile, showing search results for 'space', and four clocks with space-themed artwork, including the same 'spacetime' artwork as in the background image. There's also a notification popup with the text 'Saved to: Outer Space' and a 'choose list' button

Redbubble • 2019

Powering up customer curation

Evolving customer favourites into lightweight, engaging, shopping-friendly lists.

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A title from the iflix streaming platform Screenshot from Disney's "Zootopia", showing the characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde
A concept design for the iflix mobile app. Zootopia is the selected title, with a banner and 'play' button prominent, and information about the title displayed below (year, rating, running time, languages, description, etc).

iflix • 2018

Enticing and informing viewers

A redesigned title screen concept for iflix's TV and movie streaming Android app that considered unique audience opportunities.

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Screenshot of an article from the 'UTAS 125' website The article 'Aquatic Botany at the University of Tasmania' on the 'UTAS 125' website, with a banner image of spore-like plant parts under a microscope, followed by the article content.
Screenshot from the 'UTAS 125' website showing the '1930s' decade as highlighted, and some feature stories.
Screenshot from the 'UTAS 125' website showing an article titled 'Sheep in Wolves Clothing' with a banner showing an old black and white photo of two women in a library and the article content following.

University of Tasmania • 2015

Storytelling that goes deeper

An engaging interactive timeline for the University of Tasmania's 125 Year Anniversary.

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